Rainbow Members Celebrate First Pixie Broadcast Performance

Rainbow members celebrate first broadcast performance of Rainbow’s first unit project Pixie with a magic broom. Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Woo Ri, No Eul, and Yoon Hye visited Pixie (Ji Sook, Seung Ah, Hyun Young) at MBC Dream Center with a big cleaning broom and a delicious cake to celebrate Pixie’s first broadcasting of their single, “Hoi Hoi” at “Music Core.”

Rainbow members brought a broom as a gift for Pixie, since the concept of “Hoi Hoi” is about magic and fairies. They wished the best of luck to Pixie with an ice cream cake and wearing cone hats, which represent fairies and magicians. Pixie members expressed their gratitude pretending to ride the “magic broom.” The performance of “Hoi Hoi” includes a choreography of “riding the broom,” where Pixie members mime as if they are riding a motorcycle. 

Rainbow Pixie officially started their activities on January 14 at “Music Core” and at “Inkigayo” the next day. Right after both performances, Pixie garnered much attention, becoming the most searched keyword on Naver. 

Pixie distinguished themselves from mature, sexy, and feminine Rainbow with their liveliess and cuteness. Wearing experimental outfits and holding magic wands, Pixie will put a spell on you with their sweetly flowing tunes and cute choreography!