Go Ara’s Unexpected Friendship with Daniel Henney

Go Ara revealed her friendship with Daniel Henney.

On January 15, Go Ara wrote on her twitter, “Oppa, when do you come to Korea? Hurry up and come already. Our Papa is opening in three weeks. ‘With Henney Oppa at Papa shooting,'” and posted a picture of herself and Daniel Henney together.  In the picture, they have their arms around each other, smiling.

Go Ara and Daniel Henney

Go Ara and Daniel Henney became friends through movie “Papa” which is opening on February 2. Daniel Hanney made a special guest appearance in the movie. “Papa” takes place in Altanta, portraying a story of an ex-entertainment business guru Choon Sup and six siblings who need a legal guardian to come together as a family to survive.

Netizens commented on the picture, “I am jealous of this unexpected friendship,” “You two look cute together,”  and “I wish the two of you remain friends.”