Dal Shabet Transform into Sexy "Dark Shabet"

Dal Shabet revealed a radical transformation in the album jacket photo of their 4th mini-album, “Hit U.” In the released photo, members of Dal Shabet show maturity and charm, departing from cute and lively images shown previously from “Supa Dupa Diva,” “Pink Rocket,” and “Bling Bling.” 

With smoky makeups and piercing eyes staring into the camera, Dal Shabet highlights sexy, haughty, and yet feminine side. Moreover, Ga Eun‘s chopped hair captured people’s attention.  

Photographer Hong Jang Hyun, whom Dal Shabet have been continuously working with since their debut, conducted the photo shoot once again. In this album jacket, the photographer tried to capture Dal Shabet’s transformation in a collection of photos to emulate featured editorial pictures in magazines. 

Dal Shabet’s agency claim that the new album “Hit U” reveals a different concept and music, exposing transformation, maturity, and potentials of its members. Are you excited to see the change or do you miss the cute, sweet, lively Dal Shabet already?