Teen Top in Brazilian Entertainment News

On January 10, Brazilian public broadcasting company Rede TV’s entertainment news program “Leitura Dinamica” introduced Teen Top‘s newest song “Going Crazy.”

“Leitura Dinamica” gives comprehensive coverage of the entertainment industry around the world. The program explained, “Teen Top is stirring up much attention with ‘Going Crazy’ from their second mini-album, ‘it’s.'” It also commented on the fact that the music video of “Going Crazy” is already one of the most viewed video of the year. 

Teen Top's Brazilian Fan Blog

Teen Top has garnered much attention of excited K-Pop fans in Brazil. One of Brazilian Teen Top blogs gets about 2,000 visitors daily. On the blog, Brazilian netizens commented, “I am so proud of Teen Top gaining global reputation,” and “I would love to see Teen Top performing in Brazil.”

Teen Top also made an appearance on popular French TV show “Le Grand Journal” last year. Their performance of “Supa Luv” on the show was highly praised.