Park Jin Young Forced to Abstain from Alcohol?

Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment, broke his promise to not get drunk again, and as a result, vowed to abstain from alcohol for 100 days.

On January 16, the star producer better known as JYP wrote on his me2day, “We had a team outing with the whole movie crew, after touring Seoul, LA, Las Vegas, and Busan in four days. I just had one glass of beer but passed out in bed without even washing myself. I promised myself not to get drunk again…as a sign of showing remorse, I’ll stop drinking for 100 days until April 23.”

Currently, JYP is filming for his first movie, “Five Million Dollar Man,” while also starring as a judge on SBS “K-Pop Star.” He even visited the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week for the Wonder Girls’ showcase. His tight schedule and all the busy drinking sessions were apparently too much for the 40-year old producer to hold up.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “Really? We’re keeping an eye on you,” “Quit drinking? I can’t do that,” and “You must be really busy. You should watch your health.”

JYP will play the lead role in “Five Million Dollar Man.” The film is about an aspiring singer that gets involved in a financial scandal. The filming for “Five Million Dollar Man” began in December and will hit theaters in the first half of this year.