Kara’s Goo Hara Turns into a Bubbly Roller Girl

Kara member Goo Hara’s photoshoot for Vogue Girl is attracting the attention of netizens.

Goo Hara will appear in the February issue of Vogue Girl. The singer and music program MC will be wearing clothing from Lacoste L!VE’s Spring/Summer Collection. The Febuary issue of Vogue Girl focuses on vintage and preppy styles. Goo Hara appears as a cheerleader and a roller (skate) girl for this photoshoot. Let’s check out some of the pictures.

With this light pink shirt, and pleated blue skirt, Goo Hara looks less like a cheerleader and more like a student in uniform. Her hairpiece is cute, but the bracelet is a bit big for my tastes.

She looks like a cute roller girl in this picture. The outfit is simple, but the bright yellow glasses, frillies and socks keep it from looking boring. The multicolored rollerskate wheeles are an excellent touch! (Does anyone rollerskate these days? I used to…)

This light blue varsity jacket and high-heel sneaker-pumps capture the university student feel. While her pigtails and hairpiece show off Hara’s innocence. This outfit is certain to be popular in the warmer months.

Judging by this picture, the “disappearing pants” look will be back again this summer. Hara’s red raincaot and L!VE shirt are sure to make any rainy day that much brighter.

What do you guys think of this photoshoot? I think I want…everything!