BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon Hold Cooking Showdown

On January 15, BEAST’s Yoseob shared a few amusing photos of fellow group members, Doo Joon and Dong Woon, hold a cooking showdown.

He first tweeted, “Wow, these guys are really good…You guys keep cooking. I’m going to bed.” Shortly after, he followed up by saying, “I told you guys to buy just a little food. Anyways, cooking showdown starts..” and shared a series of photos of eggs, anchovy, and the back of the two “contestants.”

He didn’t reveal any more photos of the grand showdown. But from the looks of the photos, you can sense the intensity over BEAST’s “best cook” position. Yoseob later revealed the winner to the contest, as he tweeted, “The judges: Yong Jun Hyung, Hong Seung Wan, Yang Yoseob, Jun Joon Gun, Lee Ki Kwang. The result: Son Dong Woon wins, 3 to 2! Yoon Doo Joon couldn’t hold his anger and requests a ‘fried rice’ showdown.’ Kekeke Thanks for the good meal keke.”

Stay tuned for the next “BEAST Fried Rice Challenge”!