Kang Ho Dong Spotted in Public After 4 Months of Temporary Retirement

Kang Ho Dong was spotted in public for the first time after since his temporary retirement four months ago.

A picture was recently uploaded on a local online board with the title, “Lee Kyung Kyu & Kang Ho Dong meet in Seoul.”

The uploader also wrote, “When I asked Kang Ho Dong to take a picture with me he shyly said, ‘I don’t think I deserve to take pictures with fans.’” On the other hand, Lee Kyung Kyu cheerfully asked to take pictures with those who recognized him. In the picture the two stars are wearing the same blue padding jacket while smiling brightly. Kang Ho Dong looked rather gaunt during his four months of hardship and caused many fans’ worries.

Netizens and fans who saw the pictures reacted with diverse responses: “Now are you ready to comeback and appear in public?” “Maybe he is going to MC a new program with Lee Kyung Kyu?” “Your face got thin. I am worried,” “I am really curious about what they talked about,” and “They wore the popular jacket being in trend nowadays.”

Here are some more photos released by local media Dispatch!