BoA Casts Lee Seung Hoon’s Team but Asks “Do You Hate Me?”

Lee Seung Hoon who gained a lot of attention for his funny rap lyrics and dance skills was teamed up with the younger dancers Choi Rae Sung and Park Jung Eun.

Lee Seung Hoon seemed a bit worried about singing when the team was created. He had asked the judges what they should do about singing. JYP answered “You need to sing, but I think you should do a performance that focuses on dancing.” Lee Seung Hoon made choreography to Dynamic Duo’s “Father.”

BoA commented, “The choreography was awesome! Oh~ it was very good!”

JYP commented, “I think you proved that you can show something without having to sing very well. There are a lot of audition programs in South Korea, if this was on another show I bet your team would have been disqualified.”

JYP also gave Lee Seung Hoon high praise by calling him a true “artist,” and that Choi Rae Sung and Park Jung Eun need to thank Lee Seung Hoon for passing to the next round.


At the end, BoA jokingly asked Lee Seung Hoon if he does not like her. Then, BoA stated that if it was fine with Lee Seung Hoon, she would cast the whole team.

(This round, each agency would either cast or not cast and disqualify the contestants.)