Fashion Model Compliments Hyori’s Beauty

Fashion model Hye Park (readers may be familiar with her modeling for Teen Vogue in the US), wrote about Lee Hyori in a Junuary 16 blog post. Hye Park posted a photograph of herself with Lee Hyori. She wrote, “She (Hyori) is so beautiful…I can’t take a picture with her.” In the photo below, Hye Park and Hyori are standing side-by-side. They both have their hair down and are wearing light make-up.

Fashion designer YoniP (of “Steve J & YoniP” label fame), appears in an accompanying photo. All three are wearing casual clothing and seem friendly with each other.

Netizens who looked at the pictures chimed in to say that Hye Park and Hyori were beautiful and that Hyori should also model. Hyori and Hye Park plan to volunteer together at an animal shelter in Seoul on January 18.

Hye Park is one of the few Asian models with worldwide recognition (she’s modeled for Teen Vogue, Marc Jacobs, GAP, MaxMara and a lot more). Check out this feature about her that aired on Fashion TV: