2PM’s Junsu Celebrates Birthday without Nichkhun

On January 15, 2PM’s Junsu shared a photo of his birthday party with the rest of his group members. To celebrate his 24th birthday, Junsu tweeted this photo with the comment, “Yesterday with my boys~a small birthday party over dinner~.”

In the photo, Junsu is seen with Chansung, Wooyoung, Junho, and Taecyeon, ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. It looks like they had some soju over Korean BBQ, as you can tell from the grill and soju glass in the right hand corner.

But fans have questioned where Nichkhun was, as he was nowhere to be found in the photo. It turns out Nichkhun was out of the country, busy with his overseas promotions. But that doesn’t mean he forgot to celebrate Junsu’s special day, as Junsu later shared a text message he got from Nichkhun.

The photo shows their brief conversation, with Nichkhun texting, “Junsu happy birthday~hope you get healthier and richer as well (heart) I love you~,” and in response Junsu saying, “I love you Nichkhung ^.^.”

Some true brotherly love! Happy birthday Junsu!