IU’s Surprising Confession on MBC "Come To Play": "I Don’t Like Handsome Men"

Singer IU made quite the shocking confession during the filming of “Come To Play.”

On January 16, the nation’s little sister made a guest-appearance on MBC’s variety show “Come To Play.” She appeared in the segment “Take My Heart” and ranked actors Joo Hyun, Jung Bo Seok, Park Sang Min, Kim Joo Hyuk by those she wouldn’t go on a date with.

IU’s first choice in the ranking “The One I Wouldn’t Date on a Blind Date” was Jung Bo Seok. She made the following comments to explain her surprising choice, “I don’t particulary like good-looking men because I don’t get the feeling that he is mine.”

She added, “You had a very scary image in the movie “Giant” as Jo Pil Yeon,” trying to justify her choice.

To this, actor Jung Bo Seok then replied, “You’d like me if you watch “Can You Hear My Heart”.

IU’s last choice in the The One I Wouldn’t Date on a Blind Date” was Park Sung Min, meaning he won the round against other actors listed.

Netizens, surprised by IU’s first choice commented, “I’m relieved but it’s sad too,” “Thank You IU!” and “Even though she said that, i can’t believe it.” while another added : “Isn’t it that she likes handsome men but she finds it burdensome to date them?”

What do you think? Does IU’s reasoning make sense?