Kim Hye Soo Garners Attention for Past Pictures

Actress Kim Hye Soo is garnering attention for her past pictures.

A couple of pictures were uploaded on a well-known online community website with the title: “16 Year Old Kim Hye Soo.” The pictures show the actress having the same beauty compared to now— proving her natural glamor.

The pictures that were posted were captured from MBC “Section TV Entertainment News.” In the pictures, Kim Hye Soo is sixteen years old and had just debuted.

Netizens and fans who saw them reacted with diverse responses: “This what you call an un-humiliating past,” “She is one hundred times prettier than the plastic idols,” “She developed fast. Very pretty,” and “When I was sixteen…”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo finished filming “Thieves” with Kim Yoon Suk, Lee Jung Jae, and Jeon Ji Hyun.