Lee Min Jung Gets Rejected by Yoon Hyung Bin?

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin and actress Lee Min Jung squeezed in together for a picture.

On January 16, Yoon Hyung Bin updated his Twitter saying, “I’m sorry, I got your girlfriend. I’ll be sure to leave a little space between us. Ironically I just saw ‘Wonderful Radio’ which was very good. I am just a fan. My arms are folded with the goddess~!” Along with his post he revealed the following picture.

In the photograph Lee Min Jung posed next to Yoon Hyung Bin with their arms gently folded together. Yoon Hyung Bin’s expression and Lee Min Jung’s appearance caught much attention. In particular, it was the small size of Min Jung’s face and her round eyes which were quite striking.

Netizens soon reacted and remarked about the photo saying, “Mr. Yoon Hyung Bin took a picture with the Nation’s fairy!” “What a great photo. Is there anyone more beautiful than Lee Min Jung, Korea’s National Fairy Goddess?” and “Lee Min Jung has her arm wrapped around yours I am so jealous!”