MBLAQ Mir "Can’t Date Because of My Sister Go Eun Ah"

Go Eun Ah and MBLAQ’s Mir will appear on the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will broadcast tonight on January 17. (Korean Time) Mir stated, “I think I am always within my sister’s palm. Wherever I go I am always being watched by my sister.” (The expression “Always within one’s palm comes from “Journey to the West” and the wager between the Monkey King and Buddha. Basically, it means that one can never escape another.)

Go Eun Ah then stated, “I only did that because I care about my little brother. I am worried whenever he meets female friends so I always check. If he is interested in a girl, I do research on that girl.”

Mir also spoke about his sister Go Eun Ah’s well planned out schemes of stopping him from dating.