Lee Hyori Shows Loyalty in Manager’s Time of Need

Lee Hyori’s manager’s father passed away recently. His name is “Lee Geun Sub” and is known as “Lee Hyori’s Good Looking Manager.” He has worked with Lee Hyori for nearly 10 years since when her career began at DSP Media. Their friendship has been a topic on news sources, last year Lee Hyori gave him a $30,000 USD car.

On January 15 and 16 Lee Hyori was at Lee Geun Sub father’s funeral service. On January 15 she stayed with family and on January 16 she greeted visitors.

An anonymous individual that is close to both of them stated, “In the entertainment business a relationship that has lasted 10 years can mean much or nothing at all. Taking care of people that you work with is actually another driving force that has made Lee Hyori the person she is now.