“K-Pop Star” Airs Live Starting February

SBS’ “K-Pop Star,” which has garnered much interest for its dazzling performers and the insightful judges, is finally going live this February!

On the January 16, KPOP Star’s producer, Park Sung Hoon revealed to “OSEN,” “K-Pop Star is going to go live soon” “currently the contestants who were ‘cast’ by SM, YG, and JYP are going though a two week training program.”

He continued on revealing, “After the two weeks of training, they will have to go through one more ‘casting audition.’ Contestants who survive that round will be able to compete on live broadcast. We are currently planning for the show to go live late February.”

The most recent episode revealed the contestants going through their first ‘casting audition’ in front of the three major companies of Korean music. (SM, YG, and JYP) BoA, Yang Hyun Suk, and Park Jin Young each represented their respective company and judged and cast the contestants they thought had the most potential to grow under their guidance. Contestants who are chosen will go straight into their two weeks training session. 

The latest episode of KPop Star brought in 12.5% in ratings, earning 2nd place, ahead of MBC’s “I Am a Singer.”

What did you think about KPop Star’s “casting audition?” Do you have any favorites among the contestants?