IU’s Trademark Pose

Netizens with a keen eye have spotted IU’s signature pose when taking pictures…a peace sign! A collection of IU pictures was recently uploaded to an online forum. In each and every one of the pictures, IU is holding up her hands in a peace sign. 

Let’s see, in this first set of pictures, yes, peace signs! IU looks very cute in the yellow top she’s wearing. The second picture is taken from 2010, when she was filming for the SBS drama “Heroes.” She looks pretty cute in the maid outfit!

In this next set, IU appears to be at a formal dinner and at a soccer game, respectively. In the second picture, she has bangs and blue wings!

More peace signs below! Of course, IU looks as cute as ever. It’s easy to forget that even though singers are professionals, many are also just regular teens.

In the second to last picture below, IU has shorter hair and bangs. Her haircut reminds me of SNSD Tiffany’s haircut during their “Gee” days. Her last picture is a perfect match to these cold winter days. The earmuffs around her neck certainly look warm.

Netizen response was overwhelmingly unanimous: “Cute!”. Do any of you guys have a trademark pose when taking pictures? 

IU is singed to EMI Music Japan and she will have a special live performance at Orchard Hall in Shibuya (Tokyo) on January 24. If you haven’t heard IU’s cover of SNSD’s “Gee,” take a listen to her lovely voice: