Jacket Photos of B.A.P.’s Zelo and Moon Jong Up Are Revealed

Not long ago Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun’s charismatic jacket photos were revealed. The countdown has begun to the official debut of B.A.P. The group’s agency, TS Entertainment, revealed two additional concept photos. This time they introduced the members Zelo and Jong Up.

At the young age of fifteen, Zelo already had made his debut in 2011. He was part of the duo “Bang and Zelo” who released their single “Never Give Up.” Zelo gained considerable recognition for being multi-talented because he can rap, beat box, and dance. Zelo originally caught the attention of the public when he was in third grade and participated in a student dance competition. At that time he was known as a dance prodigy. He is sure to wow audiences with his dancing skills when the group makes their debut.

Moon Jong Up had also caught the public’s attention for his brief, but memorable, cameo in SECRET’s “Starlight Moonlight” music video. Jong Up is said to be the six member group’s sub-vocal.  He also will be providing his knack for dance as one of the group’s dancers. Moon Jong Up was born in 1995.


Zelo’s expression in the photo seemed to contrast the colorful costume he was wearing, as he appears sad. He seems to be looking up at the camera with puppy dog eyes. Whereas Moon Jong Up displays a different charm as he focused his intense gaze on the viewer.

Throughout the week more previews of the B.A.P. members are scheduled to come. Members Young Jae and Himchan will be revealed next. The group’s music video teaser is slated to be released on January 20, midnight.