Lee Beom Soo is a Good Samaritan

Various news sources are reporting on an Internet post made by a young man who lost his wallet– and the good-deed done by actor Lee Beom Soo. This past Christmas Eve, the man went to COEX shopping mall in Seoul to see a movie. After the movie, he realized that his wallet was missing and spent the next two hours searching around the movie theater. During his search, he discovered a note that read, “If you lost your wallet, call the number below.”

The man dialed the number and arranged to meet the author of the note. As a token of his appreciation, he brought a box of red ginseng rice cakes with him. However, imagine his surprise when none other than Lee Beom Soo showed up with his missing wallet. As someone who had lost his wallet before, Lee Beom Soo left the note in an attempt to find the wallet’s owner. The young man also tried to give the actor a gift card that was in his wallet, but he was refused. The young man wrote that he felt he truly received a Christmas present that day. Netizens were touched by the story and noted that Lee Beom Soo was a kind-hearted person and that it’s quite hard to get your wallet back if you lost it.

You may know that Lee Beom Soo is currently starring in the SBS drama “History of a Salaryman.” There’s a thread on Soompi that’s being updated with lots of information. Check it out here!