What is Pledis Boys’ Real Name?

Pledis Boys, the new boy group from Pledis Entertainment, has revealed their official name and first official photo today. The group better known as “After School Boys,” for coming from the same agency as After School, is in fact going to promote under the name, “NU’EST.” Their name is supposed to be an acronym for “NU (new),” “Establish,” “Style,” and “Tempo.”

In the teaser photo, the five members of the group are facing away from the camera. Its mysterious yet charismatic concept gives out a unique vibe, keeping many fans excited. The group, initially reported to have seven members, promote themselves as an “Urban Electro Band.” Their trendy and stylish music already make them one of the most anticipated groups of 2012. You can check out some more photos of “NU’EST” here and here!