First Male Guest at SISTAR’s Dorm? Super Junior’s Lee Teuk

Earlier today, we reported that SISTAR’s Bora appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and revealed that SISTAR members walk around naked in their dorm. She said, “Sometimes we just come out nude from showers. No males are allowed in our home, not even our manager.”

But her story didn’t end there as she revealed there was actually one male idol singer that had visited their dorm. She added that person was in the same studio, raising further curiosity among the guests.

That person, it turns out, was none other than “Strong Heart’s” resident guest speaker, Lee Teuk. Bora explained, “Back then, we were starring in the same TV program about raising a baby. Luckily, we were all dressed. But he was the first male guest in our dorm, so it was really awkward and strange.”

Lee Teuk and SISTAR appeared as “parents” in the fourth season of KBS variety show, “Hello Baby.” Here’s the clip of his visit to SISTAR’s dorm!