Teen Top Transforms into Chic Men for CeCi Magazine Photo Shoot

Idol group Teen Top transformed into chic and classy men in a recent photo shoot, giving off a masculine and trendy charm.

For the February 2012 issue of CeCi magazine, the boys of Teen Top shed their colorful and free image and put on a darker and fiercer image that truly showed off their masculine charms.

The background was set as a quiet alleyway and the tone of the photo shoot is a bit dark and mysterious. Each member of Teen Top exhibited their charm through this photo shoot. L.Joe gives off an alluring and piercing stare while Niel shows off his amazingly long legs. Changjo also shows off an unexpected charm.

Ricky shows off his sharp features by having his hair smoothed and gelled in a stylish manner. Chunji and CAP look like a chic, high-class character from a romantic anime story.

Meanwhile, with the recent release of their new track, “Going Crazy,” Teen Top is receiving a lot of attention for their strong and flashy performances.

Check out the pictures below:

Caption: Teen Top Goes From Boys To Men – They’re not little boys who asked their nunas not to spray perfume anymore. Teen Top returns with a scent of a man and a bit of rebellion.