Actor Lee Jung Jae Denies Rumors of Marrying Lim Sae Ryung

Rumors surfaced that Lee Jung Jae would be marrying “Lim Sae Ryung” the daughter of a conglomerate in South Korea. However, Lee Jung Jae denied the rumor.

A media source had said that they had a phone call with someone close to Lee Jung Jae. The friend had said, “I heard that Lee Jung Jae’s parents gave permission for the wedding. After the lunar new year both families will begin talking on when the marriage should be hold.”

The individual continued by stating, “The two have continued to meet with good feelings, everyone around Lee Jung Jae knows that now there is only marriage left for the couple.”

The dating rumors between Lee Jung Jae and Lim Sae Ryung have been going on since 2009 when the two of them went to the Philippines together. Lee Jung Jae had stated that it was because she provided help with business.

However, Lee Jung Jae denied this rumor stating, “I am just good friends with Lim Sae Ryung, it is not true that we are getting married.”

Lee Jung Jae continued, “I did not take any action when articles were made about our relationship. However this time around, my father was included in these articles. I don’t agree with this at all. I was even scolded by my parents. They asked, ‘Why don’t you accurately state that you are just friends?’”

Currently Lee Jung Jae is taking a break after finishing filming for the film “Thieves.”