Teen Top’s C.A.P Apologizes for Sexist Comment

As we reported previously, Teen Top’s leader C.A.P received criticism for his statement regarding how he would raise his daughter on Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News.” There C.A.P said, “When I’m 30 I want to become a father.  I will raise my children in a cool way. I would give my son anything he wants and I will take care of him so he can grow up. As for my daughter, it is a woman’s job to stay at home. If she needed to be I would hit her and keep her locked up at home.”

C.A.P apologized by writing on the official homepage, he stated on January 17 “Last week on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News I made a mistake while talking and I wanted to apologize sincerely.”

He continued, “During the interview I wanted to sound funny but what I said came out differently. I am sad because my team members are getting criticized for something that I did wrong. I am deeply remorseful.”