SISTAR’s Bora Dances for Seo Joon Young

Girl group SISTAR member Bora garnered attention for her sexy dance on “Strong Heart,” which aired a couples special last night. During the episode, Bora and Seo Joon Young appeared as a couple amongst the many celebrity couples, ranging from father-daughter, mother-daughter, and sibling relationships.

Before showing off her sexy dance, Bora took off her jacket and said, “I prepared a little something for Seo Joon Young.”

After Bora walked over to host Lee Seung Gi where she showed off some sexy moves, she went to the center of the stage and performed a cute dance—portraying her many charms.

Seo Joon Young thanked Bora and Kim Young Chul caused laughter by saying, “It’s my first time seeing Seung Gi’s teeth gums so much.”