Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Praises Lee Byung Hun’s Acting

American actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently praised Lee Byung Hun for his acting in the Hollywood blockbuster sequel “G.I. Joe 2.” 

On January 17, there was a press conference for the movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” at the Le Meridien Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. At the end of the conference, Korean reporters were able to meet and speak with Dwayne Johnson regarding actor Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Byung Hun will appear in theaters everywhere later this year in “G.I. Joe 2,” where he plays the role of Storm Shadow.

Johnson said, “While filming ‘G.I. Joe 2,’ I became good friends with Lee Byung Hun. It was a great experience being able to act with him because he is such a big name. The moment I first saw him, I was interested [in getting to know him better.] We ate together and hung out. He’s a really humble guy, but then he’s also confident when he’s filming. His action stunts are really good, and I enjoy watching his acting.”

“Lee Byung Hun will, no doubt, be a big star in Hollywood. Just his name has a strong presence,” he added.

Dwayne also shared a funny incident that he had with Lee Byung Hun while filming. 

“Lee Byung Hun once asked me, ‘Are you going to take your shirt off in this part?,’ to which I answered, ‘No, why?’ He answered, ‘Well, I was going to take my shirt off here, but if you take yours off, people will compare me to you so…’ I remember laughing after hearing that.”

Dwayne Johnson is also affiliated with the American pro-wrestling league WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), where he occasionally participates in wrestling matches even today. He has starred in a number of films such as “Scorpion King,” “The Mummy 2,” and recently, “Fast Five.” His appearance on the hit TV show “Saturday Night Live” was popular as well.

“G.I. Joe 2” will play in theaters near you later this year, so be on the lookout for Lee Byung Hun and Dwayne Johnson!