MBLAQ Lee Joon "Every Time I Dated, I Was the One Getting Dumped"

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed, “Every time I dated, I was the one that got dumped.” Lee Joon appeared on MBC’s Lunar New Year special “Beat Beat Shake” episode that will broadcast on January 24. Different idols talked about dating. Lee Joon stated, “Girls get tired of me easily. That is why I was dumped every single time.”

On a conference January 16, Lee Joon talked about his ideal girl who is none other than Kim Yu Na. He was asked about her and replied, “Nothing has changed. I like Kim Yu Na as a fan and also had said that I consider her my ideal type because she works hard and also achieves her goals.”

Kara’s Han Seung Yeon said “I am going to date this year. If not, I am going to deviate.” After School’s Lizzy stated, “I haven’t dated for so long that I think all my dating cells are going to die.” SISTAR’s Hyorin stated, “It is so lonely that I am going to freeze.”