Wonder Girls Hyelim’s Childhood Photos

Wonder GirlsHyelim shared a photo of her pre-Wonder Girls days. On January 18, Hyelim posted a couple pictures on Twitter and she commented, “Mom sent me some old photos!” 

One of the pictures is an old passport picture. Hyelim commented, “This is when I was about 12.” In the photo, Hyelim is staring right at the camera with her wide eyes. Her distinct countenance does not look like that of a 12-year-old girl. In the other picture, Hyelim is sitting in front of a big mirror with her back towards it, smiling at the camera and holding a stuffed animal. She is definitely younger in the picture, but has the same cute smile her WG fans love today. 

Netizens commented on these pictures, “Pretty,” “Hyelim’s always been cute,” and “You haven’t changed much.” What do you think of Hyelim’s childhood photos?

Hyelim before she was Wonder Girls