B.A.P.s 6th Member Revealed

On January 18, a photo of B.A.P.s 6th member, Young Jae, is revealed. B.A.P. finally unveiled all six of its members: Rapper Bang Yong Guk, “Ulzzang” Him Chan, “5-year-old Genius” Zelo, “Won Bin of Busan” Dae Hyun, Dance Prodigy Jong Yup, and last but not least, “Brain” Young Jae. 

B.A.P. Young Jae

Young Jae’s nickname “Brain” comes from his intelligent comments on their reality series, “Tadah, It’s B.A.P.” The released photo is emphasizing his cold and piercing, and yet infinitely charming eyes. Young Jae, with his sexy, but sweet and flowing voice, is B.A.P’s main vocals. 

B.A.P. has a busy schedule up ahead. They will first present the music video on January 20 at midnight, followed by the release of the first official album on January 26. Finally, B.A.P. will perform for the first time in front of about 3,000 people at their debut showcase, which will be held at the Jang Chung stadium on January 28.