Rainbow Pixie: "We Are Funny, Haughty, Prankster Fairies"

Seung Ah, Ji Sook, and Hyun Young from Rainbow released a digital single “Hoi Hoi” as the unit group, Rainbow Pixie. Pixie differs from the mature, sexy, and feminine Rainbow with their haughty, humorous, cute, and lively charm. “Pixie” means mischievous and yet, cute fairies.

As a way of distinguishing themselves from other idol unit groups, Pixie took up the fairies’ loving and rascally image as the unit’s concept. Seung Ah, Ji Sook, and Hyun Young were selected to be Pixie members as they are the most “goofy, playful, cute, and lively” members of Rainbow. 

Pixie explained, “There are so many pretty fairies, but not goofy and playful. We are going to start a new unit trend.” The three members thought that they should show their “Natural Goofiness,” preparing for the unit activities. But on the other hand, they could not help but worry overdoing cuteness.”  

Seung Ah, who is one of the oldest members of Rainbow, mildly complained about how she felt awkward trying to act young. Hyun Young said she has difficulties practicing how to smile cute with her eyes, and Ji Sook worried about how the fans would take their sudden “cuteness.” Nonetheless, Pixie is staying positive and receptive of all feedbacks regarding their new image and concept. 

Rainbow Pixie

Pixie’s first song, “Hoi Hoi” sings about various magic spells with lively beat and memorable melody. They wear magician and fairy outfits full of bright colors and draws attention with funny and cute dance moves. Such concepts naturally overlap with Orange Caramel from After School

Pixie responded to the sentiment, “We have a similar concept and three members, so many people see the similarities. However, Orange Caramel are like typical pretty fairies from fairy tales, when we are haughty, goofy, and humorous. You will soon see the difference.”

A few days ago, Pixie was excited to receive enthusiastic support from younger fans when they performed at an amusement park. Since Rainbow has women in their 20s and 30s as their main fan-base, Pixie wishes to become “Kid’s President” as well as gain some uncle fans through their unit activities.