T-ara Only Sleeps 30 Minutes to 2 Hours a Day

T-ara spoke about the alarmingly small amount of sleep that they are getting. T-ara appeared on the SBS E “TV Cult Show” episode that will be broadcast on January 19.

T-ara stated that they are so busy because of “Lovey Dovey,” “Cry Cry,” music promotions, musicals, and dramas that “When we sleep a lot it will be 2 hours, when we are really busy we sleep 30 minutes. Sometimes we don’t even sleep, wash and go outside.”

T-ara was asked how they keep their beautiful skin despite lack of sleep. T-ara answered, “We cover up our faces well with makeup.”

Netizens that have come across the news stated, “They must be very tired. Shouldn’t they eat some herbal medicine?” “I am worried that they might faint,” “People have to sleep enough, please protect T-ara.” 

The Japanese version of “Roly Poly” is set to be released on February 29, so it will be a while before they can get some rest.