Lee Min Ho Continues to Rule Chinese TV Ratings

China loves Lee Min Ho! On January 14, the actor appeared on a Hunan Satellite TV’s variety program called “Happy Camp.” This New Year’s special episode featuring Lee Min Ho took the number one viewership spot throughout China, and was also the highest rated program in the past two years.

“Happy Camp” is a variety show that’s been on air since 1997, and has featured celebrities from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. During the episode, the guest participates in interviews and games. The ratings for this episode bested the ratings for last year’s “national” (in China) drama, “Startling by Each Step.” The final episode of that drama took a 1.93% viewership. Compare that with Lee Min Ho’s show which took 6.49%, according to the Chinese audience survey system, CSM27.

The producers of the show were so happy that they even wrote on their social networking site, “We got a 6.49% viewership thanks to Lee Min Ho!”. 

Lee Min Ho is currently taking part in various activities overseas. You can see a clip of his appearance on “Happy Camp” here: