Lee Hyun’s Secret to Losing 13 Kilograms

What inspires you to meet your weight loss goal? On the January 18 episode of the KBS health program “Vitamin,” Lee Hyun revealed his secret inspiration for dieting. “I’m 13kg (28.6lbs) lighter than I was when I debuted,” he started. “It’s pretty hard to continue working out, so I thought about pretty girls to keep me motivated,” he said, causing the studio to erupt in laughter.

Lee Hyun called his diet the “Egg White Diet.” He explained that, “For guys, we should build muscle while dieting. To do this, I cut my carbohydrate intake. But, I noticed that no matter how much I ate, I wasn’t gaining muscle. So, I ate egg whites at night when I felt hungry.”

Lee Hee Kyung, Kim Jun Hee, Kim Bo Min and Oh Ji Heon appeared alongside Lee Hyun to share their diet secrets. The episode was titled, “The Truth Behind the Weightloss.”