Lee Hyori: "Please Stop Sending Me Videos of Abused Puppies"

Animal activist Lee Hyori revealed her distress over videos of tortured animals sent to her. Earlier today, Hyori tweeted, “Please stop sending me videos of abused puppies. TT It hurts me so much TT”

Recently, a netizen had sent Hyori a cruel video of a live puppy being set on fire somewhere in Eastern Europe. Her tweet is most likely a response to this netizen’s action.

Known for her passionate animal activism, Hyori participates in raising awareness of abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. She frequently volunteers at animal shelters and adopts abandoned animals. Last year, she donated approximately $87,000 (USD) to the Animal Rights Coalition and released a special edition of Lee Hyori Calendar, featuring photos of her and her adopted dog Soonshim.