Which Celebrity was Picked as the "Luckiest Korean Wave Star" in 2012?

Japanese fortune telling website “Cocoloni” has picked U-Kiss’ Kevin as the Korean Wave star with the most luck for 2012. One hundred fortune tellers came together to pick the luckiest celebrities for the year 2012. Predictions were based on a combination of the star’s Western and Chinese zodiac signs, blood-type and others. In the “Korean Wave” category, U-Kiss’s Kevin was chosen as the luckiest K-pop star of 2012.

Kevin posted a response on U-Kiss’s Japanese site saying:

“First, I’m honored to be chosen at number one. I didn’t know that such a ranking existed, so when I first heard the news, I was shocked. As I was chosen as the luckiest, I hope that this luck is reflected in my work this year. We members of U-Kiss are preparing to release an album here in Japan and plan to hold a nation-wide tour. Please look kindly upon us. Please help us to reach number one on the Oricon Chart.”

Rounding out the top 15 were:

After School Jung Ah (#2), CN Blue Lee Jong Hyun (#3), Big Bang Seungri (#4), Big Bang G-Dragon (#5), T-ara Qri (#6), F.T. Island Lee Jae Jin (#7), F.T. Island Song Seung Hyun (#8), SNSD Sooyoung (#9), After School NaNa (#10), CN Blue Lee Jung Shin (#11), After School Lizzy (#12), “Boys Over FlowersKim Joon (#13), 2PM Junho (#14), UKiss Kiseop (#15)

Let’s wish them all a lucky year!