9Muses Release Dance Practice Video for "News"

After kicking their promotions off this past weekend, 9Muses have just released their dance practice video for “News.” Their music video for the song was released last week.

To help new fans to recognise them easier, all of the members are wearing a different colored shirt with their name on the front. 

Violet – Hyuna
Purple – Lee Sum
Blue – Sera
Green – Euaerin
Yellow – Eun Ji
Pink – Kyungri
Orange – Hyemi
Red – Minha

This is the first track that includes their eighth member, Kyung Ri, who was added after ending promotions for their debut track, “Figaro.” The powerful beats and strong vocals of Nine Muses make “News” another appealing song with great potential.

In a recent interview, the members talked about the difficulty of being recognized as singers since many of them had previously worked as models.

Check out one of their recent comeback performances.