Wonder Girls’ Sohee Has the Best Fortune Based on Her Face?

Wonder Girls’ Sohee was chosen as the celebrity with the best fortune based on her face. Reading a person’s fortune by physiognomy (the face and it’s features) is a common cultural and superstitious practice in Eastern and Southern Asian countries. Often times, young people would get their “face fortunes” read for fun.

On a recent post in an online community forum, information about Sohee’s physiognomic fortune was posted and was garnering much attention. Apparently, Sohee’s “face fortune” revealed that she will many worldly gifts and that she will be highly successful.

Sohee’s facial features and shape best matches the “seagull image,” since she has a relatively small forehead compared to her face. According to this practice, this means that she will have good fortunes in terms of finding a husband and that she will be a good wife and mother.

Sohee’s ears apparently show that she has good fortunes with people. She has deep earlobes, which implies that she has a lot of affection. Her face is extroverted but also resembles a “rabbit image,” which means that she is a quiet and righteous person with little words.

Her “face fortune” also reveals that she is the type that adults like so she will receive much love from her in-laws. Her body balances her face well, which implies great wealth, love and many children. She was chosen to have one of the best “face fortunes” out of all celebrities.

Netizens exclaimed, “If this is true, Sohee is truly daebak,” “How can she have a face fortune like this? I can’t believe it,” “I’m jealous – she has everything,” and so on.