Singer E.I.’s Management to Sue Manager for Fraud and Libel

Singer E.I.’s (“Remember,” “Only You“) management, Plus K Entertainment is suing E.I.’s manager, who is only revealed as Mr. Kim, along with two others for fraud and libel.

On January 18, they stated, “Mr. Kim claimed that he was close with the production staff members of the TV variety show, ‘Running Man‘ and assured that E.I. will get to appear on the show. Mr. Kim then claimed that we needed to pay expenses in order to receive confirmation to appear on the show. He said that was what the broadcast company PD wanted and asked for a large sum of money.”

Apparently, Mr. Kim and others went as far to describe minute details of this supposed episode of “Running Man.” They explained how it was going to be a special mission episode in which E.I. and other popular boy groups would be doing certain tasks for Yoo Jae Suk. Mr. Kim and others also took pictures in front of the SBS building and the “Running Man” department to further deceive management. Plus K Entertainment also revealed, “They also said that they had close relations with a certain cable broadcast company ‘M something’ and made continuous requests for expenses for alcohol and golfing.”

Finally, Plus K Entertainment said, “Upon contacting each broadcasting company, we found out that all Mr. Kim did was go around to the PDs of each broadcast company and pass around E.I.’s CD, which is a case of defamation on E.I.’s part.” What an unfortunate incident for E.I., especially since he is relatively new in the entertainment world.

E.I.’s title track “Remember” was released in August of 2011 and was produced by the Brave Brothers.