T-ara Jiyeon and Eunjung Go Makeup-less on Entertainment Tonight

T-ara’s Eunjung and Jiyeon gave a surprise TV appearance with no makeup.

On January 18, Eunjung and Jiyeon appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” in the corner called, “Star Secret.” The reporter asked them to teach viewers ways for facial cleansing. At the reporter’s request, Eunjung and Jiyeon didn’t hesitate to show their makeup-less faces.

Eunjung and Jiyeon taught viewers a “3-step facial cleansing method” and started with the “oil facial cleansing method.” They said, “For thick makeup, an oil based cleansing product is best. Use the weakest finger, the ring finger, and draw circles around your face, as if you are massaging it.” Jiyeon said, “Places such as your hairline area, the sides of your nose and the bottom of your chin are places that can easily be missed.” Up until this point, the girls still had their eye makeup on.

Then, the two moved onto the second method, the “eye cleansing method.” Without hesitation, they removed their fake eyelashes, surprising fans everywhere. They took a q-tip to erase their eye makeup and with a bit of cleansing foam on their palms, they drew big circles on their faces.

After all three steps of the facial cleansing method were done, Jiyeon and Eunjun had completely makeup-less faces. Before their facial cleansing, they were confident and strong but when their makeup-less faces were revealed, they were acting shy and could not lift up their heads, which caused the studio to laugh.

It seems like Jiyeon revealed her no makeup face several times in the past. What do you think about their makeup-less faces?