Dal Shabet Ga Eun Shows Perfect Body for SONOVI

As we reported earlier, Dal Shabet was chosen as SONOVI models. (SONOVI is a brand that sells bags and wallets) One cut of the advertisements that they finished up in early January was revealed with the member Ga Eun.

Ga Eun posed professionally for several pictures with different concepts. Recently when her album jacket picture was revealed for the new album, her “11 Shaped Abs” created a lot of buzz. In this SONOVI advertisement photoshoot she shows off her “Perfect Body.”

Ga Eun’s agency stated, “In high school, Ga Eun had modeling experience. That is why she was very good at posing for the advertisement photoshoot. We are planning on showing off her different charms from her stage performances in the future through photoshoots.”

Dal Shabet will release their new album “Hit U” on January 27.