Lee Hyori Donates KBS Documentary Narration Paycheck

Lee Hyori, who is well-known for her kind heart, donated her paycheck. According to KBS,  Lee Hyori participated in filming the recent “KBS Special – Our Neighbors’ Little Heroes.”

“Our Neighbors’ Little Heroes” follows the lives of people who put volunteering as a top priority in their lives. Lee Hyori donated the money she earned from narrating to “The Ho Dduk of Love Couple.” (“Ho dduk” is a sweet Korean pancake that has a mixture of brown sugar, honey, peanuts, and other yummy things in the middle of a sticky batter dough. Yum!)

The “Ho Dduk of Love Couple” travels all around Korea, making and giving free ho dduk to the handicapped and unfortunate children. 

According to producers, Lee Hyori was embarassed when she received compliments for her benevolent act, saying that this “was not something to be complimented for.” It was also discovered that she donated $50,000 USD for heating expenses to over 300 seniors who live alone.

What a beautiful person, inside and out.