SHINee Sings for Etude House

Recently, Etude House picked up SHINee and Dara from 2NE1 to be their models for their brand of cosmetic products. Etude House uploaded videos of SHINee members singing a special song made for the commercial on their official Youtube account.

On the first video, SHINee’s member MinHo appears, promoting a product called Skin Malgami; and then fans can see the members singing in a studio. The rest of the videos have the same format, and they all have SHINee’s members individually promoting different products from Etude House. By the end of the video, Jonghyun starts dacing the shuffle dance.

In the poster below, SHINee holds giant tubes of Etude BB Cream while the slogan states “Wanna be Sweet?, Play Etude,” which perfectly fits into the boys’ sweet image. 

Check out the videos down below!