2PM Introduces Their Hands Up Tour Episode

As some of you may have seen already, 2PM uploaded  a video of their “Hands Up Asia Tour” on their official Youtube account.

The video introduces the preparations and rehearsals for their concert in Singapore. 2PM members seem to have a lot of fun while rehearsing since they all run around and dance playfully to the background music. Fans even get to see Chansung making funny faces at the camera just before he and Nichkhun start running and acting like dinosaurs.

By the end of the video, Junho compares himself to Taecyeon, saying he is Taecyeon’s “mini me”. Then Taecyeon pushes Junho so hard that he slips on a bag on the floor and almost falls, making everyone burst out of laughter.

What do you think about this 2PM episode? Check out the video and let me know down below!