Goo Hye Sun’s Short Length Film "You" to Premiere in Russia

The actress Goo Hye Sun’s short length film “You” will premiere in Russia. The film was given an invitation to show at the Moscow “Korean Short Film Special Showing Event” that will be held from January 19-22. The group that runs the event “Cool Connections Art Group” is planning to introduce Korean films to Russia. Out of the event if a film is chosen, it will also be shown in 5 different Russian cities.

The short film “You” has Nam Sang Mi as the main character and it is about the lack of communication between family members.

Goo Hye Sun began her directing career through the short film “Cheerful Helper” in 2008, which later became a full length film. Then in 2011 she created “Goo Hye Sun Film” and began her 2nd full length film which was “Peach Tree.”