JYJ’s Documentary "The Day" to Play in South Korean Theaters

JYJ’s documentary “The Day” will be shown in South Korean theaters. C-Jes Entertainment stated on January 19 that “The Day” which shows the everyday lives of JYJ will be shown in 20 different CGV theaters on February 9. Originally “The Day” was supposed to be broadcast on TV however several problems occurred and now it is going to be shown through movie theaters.

The reason that JYJ is showing such content through film is because they are currently undergoing problem with appearing on TV.

A representative stated, “This documentary lasts for 90 minutes and will show the normal lives of the three members. Fans will be able to meet JYJ’s story which contains their dreams, friendship, and happiness.”

JYJ stated, “We are both nervous and happy that we will be able to meet fans through the big screen. We hope that it will be a special memory for fans.”

JYJ will hold their concert in Chile on March 9 and Peru on March 11.