Rainbow’s Yoon Hye Reveals Her 10-Year Crush

Rainbow‘s Yoon Hye is garnering attention after she admitted her ten-year crush on hip hop duo, Dynamic Duo. Yoon Hye recently uploaded a selca picture with the caption: “My 10-year crush… I like them so so much(T_T) Dynamic Duo sunbaenim I love you!!! ‘Without You’ is the best♡”

Choiza showed his gratitude by answering, “Are are are you Rain.. Rainbow? Oh… We love you too!! Keke.” Gaeko replied, “Rainbow has risen” on his Twitter as well.

After receiving Dynamic Duo’s replies, Yoon Hye wrote on her Twitter once again and displayed her fandom, “It’s not even Christmas, but I’m so happy!”

Gaeko also garnered attention when he revealed that SNSD’s Sunny bought him a birthday cake with her own money.

Netizens and fans who saw these Twitter conversation commented, “It’s nice to see singer sunbaes/hoobaes being so nice to each other,” “Dynamic Duo, did your girl group ideal type change now?”, “and “Wow.. Dynamic Duo, you must be very popular amongst pretty hoobaes! Being jealous means I’m losing!”

Meanwhile, Dynamic Duo’s “Without You” is receiving much love, and they will be busy preparing for the “2012 Amoebahood Concert.”