Taeyang Writes First Non-Big Bang Song for Se7en

Se7en’s latest Japanese single, “Somebody Else,” is written and composed by Big Bang’s Taeyang, making it the first non-Big Bang track written by him. Although the single was co-produced by YG’s main producer Teddy, Taeyang is attempting to expand his resume as a singer-songwriter through this track.

Taeyang has written and composed several songs in the past, but they were all made for Big Bang or his own albums. He did write the lyrics for Lexy’s 2007 single, “Super Fly,” but he never composed a song for non-Big Bang artists. Some of the most popular songs Taeyang either composed or wrote the lyrics for include, “Where U At,” “Wedding Dress,” “Take It Slow,” “La-la-la,” “Good Bye Baby,” and “Just a Feeling.”

Meanwhile, the song he wrote for Se7en, “Somebody Else,” is already looking to be a mega hit in Japan. Even prior to its release on January 18, “Somebody Else” had topped the pre-order sales ranking for Tower Records, Japan’s largest record sales chart.

Here’s the MV of the song below!