Joo Ji Hoon Comes Back as King Sejong in "I Am the King"

Actor Joo Ji Hoon, recently discharged from the military will come back to the entertainment scene with a new film. Local news agencies reported that the actor is cast as the lead in the historical film “I Am the King” (not to be confused with the upcoming drama “The King”). The announcement was made through a statement from Joo Ji Hoon’s agency, Key East Entertainment.

Although he only came back to civilian life in November, “I Am the King” is not his first comeback project. He was cast in the musical adaptation of “Doctor Zhivago” but he had to withdraw from the production due to damaged vocal chords.

In “I Am the King,” Joo Ji Hoon will play the historical figure King Sejong of the Chosun era. It tells the story of how the king experienced a commoner’s life by exchanging identities with a beggar. The film is under the helm of director Jang Kyu Sung. Shooting is expected to begin at the end of February.