Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Bum Sets Hearts Afire

The Wonder Girls Sohee’s got back? That’s what netizens have decided. Recently, a set of three photographs were posted to an online forum titled, “Take a look at Ahn Sohee’s bum.” 

In the picture to the left, Sohee is wearing a knit dress and has a braid pulled in front of her shoulders. The white dress is just tight enough to show off Sohee’s cute bum. The other two pictures seem to be taken from various performances, with Sohee’s backside as the main point of focus. Netizen comments included, “She’s got great proportions,” “Out of all the entertainers, Sohee has the best body,” and “I bet a lot of exercise and effort was put into making such a great body.” 

I have a strong feeling that a male fan posted this grouping, but as a female, I’m honest enough to admit that she DOES have a nice backside. Have you guys watched “The DJ is Mine” yet?